Chip Neiman is a life-long resident of Crook County, Wyoming. He and his wife Joni make their home near the base of Devils Tower in heart of District 1. Working in agriculture his entire life, Neiman has a deep understanding of doing all that you can with resources you’ve been given.

“My parents went through the Great Depression and raised me with this ideal, ‘Don’t spend what you don’t have and always improve without compromising your future.'”

Neiman has watched as politicians, at every level, continue to waste the taxpayer’s money and understands that a government who does the things it shouldn’t do is incapable of doing those things that it should. With this in mind he’s stepping into the political arena in order to represent District 1 with Conservative values.



I am a tireless advocate for life from conception to natural death. I believe all human life is precious and created with a specific purpose by God’s Divine Hand. I believe our founders cleared this up in our Bill of Rights where it says we have the right to “Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness”. They spoke of Life first because they knew Liberty would do us precious little good if we didn’t live to enjoy it. I believe it is the responsibility of Government to protect Life. I commit to do just that.

Fiscal Responsibility

I believe we must quit spending money we do not have. We are putting future generations in fiscal jeopardy. I am a fiscal conservative. We must reduce the size of government. I believe we are responsible to the taxpayers to respect them through conservative and responsible use of THEIR hard-earned money. I have been involved in agriculture all my life and understand intimately the struggles of making ends meet and will take that understanding with me wherever I go. Taxes take away freedom and uncontrolled spending undermine us as a nation. Debt is a master we do not want. We must live within our means and stop spending money we do not have. I have proven this in my life and will not change.

Limited Government

I believe it is our responsibility as citizens to hold government accountable for the protection of our liberties. I will always be a staunch defender of our freedoms.

Wyoming Families

With the current undermining of parental rights, educational rights, traditional family dynamics and economic welfare of the state, our families are under attack from multiple fronts. I will vehemently oppose any legislation that would harm Wyoming families.

Ride for the Brand

I believe the principles set forth in the Wyoming Republican Party Platform and what you see with me is what you get.


I gave my life to Christ at the age of 9 in the first Baptist Church in Hulett, Wyoming. The Lord is my source of strength and I am devoted to Him. It is to Him that I will look for direction and purpose. I trust Him completely and believe his word is infallible and that relationship is what I will stand on to Represent the people and values of District 1. His word says we are to serve, not be served. I believe that type of leadership is what is needed and who set a better example than Christ? No one!


The 2nd Amendment to our Constitution clearly states “the right of the people to keep and bear Arms, shall not be infringed” What else is there to be said to clarify that statement? Nothing! I will stand for this right and commit to the people of District 1 never to do anything to undermine this right.


I believe the protection of parental rights and preservation of the family is foundational to the future of this nation. I believe the breakdown of the family has led us to where we are today. I promise to stand for parental rights and to stand against any efforts to undermine families from thriving. I believe the traditional family is the best institution and authority to raise the future of this nation.


I believe the Constitution of the United States of America has been and always will be, other than the Bible, the most divinely inspired document ever created. Our founders under God’s direction created a framework that has stood longer than any other in world history. Through divine intervention we are one Nation under God and a light house for those who desire to be free. But, with this freedom comes responsibility and we must fight to protect these rights we have, I believe, come to take for granted that they will always be there. We must fight to preserve this union and the foundations of this nation. Our founders said our constitution was written for a moral people. I must do my part to preserve and uphold that belief. I will support the Constitution in it entirety.